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    Wednesday, June 25, 2008

    Daily Activitis


    The daily activities which occur in the pondok throughout the pesantren complex are not homogeneous. They vary
    from pondok to pondok but in general the activities are governed
    by a common central theme which, according to Kyai Hisyam Mansur, is “to
    guide the santri to become
    knowledgeable and pious individuals, meritorious to themselves, their
    parents, the nation and religion.”[78]


    To this end the learning activity is geared toward acquiring
    intellectual and practical acquaintance with religious precepts. To
    achieve this broad objective most santri are to engage in two types of learning
    activities, ngaji in the evening and
    schooling in the day time.  An example of its enactment in a daily
    practice, can be seen from what occurs in the pondok owned by Kyai Hisyam Mansur


    Kyai Hisyam Mansur, the writer of Haul in
    Pesantren Buntet
    , who currently limits himself to having only
    between 50 to 60 mature santri (high
    school students or older), concentrates on teaching two kitab (religious texts). For this, he first
    requires his santri to get up on before
    dawn (around 4.00 a.m) for the call for prayer (adzan), puji-pujian, to perform morning congregation
    prayer and ngaji kitab. The standard
    (compulsory) texts he sets for his santri are Safinah (major) and Taqrib (minor). Both kitab are basically equal texts but they differ
    in the ordering of the topics into chapters. The students are to split
    themselves into two groups and each group is further divided into two
    sub-groups so that there are four sub-groups. Once a week each individual
    santri has to rotate his/her membership
    from one group/sub-group to another and thus from week to week each
    santri will belong to a different
    group/sub-group. By applying the bandungan method in two shifts Kyai Hisyam
    teaches one group after another the Safinah in an orderly manner from one chapter to
    the next. Outside the bandungan class
    he requires the santri to read the
    related chapter(s) from Taqrib and to
    consult him or whoever when it is needed. Thus unlike what they do with
    the Safinah, they read the Taqrib on a topic rather than on a chapter basis.
    Once a week two shifts of discussions are held. One sub-group discusses
    Safinah, the other sub-group argues or
    raises some comments based on Taqrib.
    To support their arguments Kyai Hisyam encourages the students to consult the references he provides,
    consisting of Hadits: Arba'in al-Nawawiyah, Riyadh ash-Shalihin;
    Tafsir (Exegeses): Jalalain, Ash Shawi, Ibn Katsir, Qurtubi,
    ); Theology (Nazham Nur
    ; Tajwid (Arabic or
    Qur'anic reading rules): Bidayah ash-Sibyan,
    Tanfir al-Atfal, Jazwiyah
    . For Nahu/Sharaf (Arabic grammar and word derivatives)
    Kyai Hisyam urges his santri to go to
    another pondok to learn from another
    kyai. By  applying this procedure
    Kyai Hisyam hopes the students will have basic mastery of certain
    kitab with some acquaintance and
    broadened perspectives.


    In his pondok, Ngaji kitab is
    held from 8.00 p.m to 10.00 p.m and from 5.00 a.m to 6.30 a.m daily,
    except on Friday which is free. Every Thursday evening after sunset
    prayer, however, Kyai Hisyam still requires his santri to perform tahlil, and after evening prayer to perform
    marhaba and public speech training. For
    all these, the santri have to organise
    these rituals by themselves. Through this procedure he hopes that in the
    future or when they have completed their learning, santri will have the necessary training to engage
    actively in their societal roles.


    Plate 34: The main "pondok" of Pesantren Buntet.

    Plate 34: The main "pondok" of Pesantren Buntet.

    Plate 35: Commemorating the Independence Day at Pesantren

    Plate 35: Commemorating the Independence Day at Pesantren Buntet.

     Plate 36: The Pesantren Mosque in Buntet.

    Plate 36: The Pesantren Mosque in Buntet.

    Plate 37: Girlscouts of Pesantren Buntet on exercise.

    Plate 37: Girlscouts of Pesantren Buntet on exercise.


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